About Us

This site is driven by pure passion of knowledge and knowledge sharing in the field of Information Technology (IT). Be it the knowledge that we have just acquired, or things that we have learned over the years with our experiences in our lives.

We hope that the knowledge shared on this platform will enable global citizens residing all around the world, regardless of their location and geography, to acquire new sets of skills and valuable knowledge, that they can use purposefully in their life.

ITTrainings.org is a place where professionals from various walks of life share their experiences and knowledge, which they have accumulated over the years. Sharing such real-life knowledge and experiences will, in turn, help the next generations of professionals, learn much quicker, be smarter than the previous generation and use the newly learned skills for a better cause.

As our life rolls on, we also continue to learn and evolve, thus learning is a lifelong process. If there’s anything that we’ve learned and it benefits anyone else if we share it; it is worth sharing. Hence our ask to everyone is, please use this platform for such knowledge sharing and also build a healthy and robust community of such knowledge warriors who are very passionate to share.

ITTrainings.org Team